Friday, June 5, 2009

A "Mis-Adventure"

Meet the Misadventure group from Huntington Beach! It was such a pleasure to host their annual week-end party on May 28, 29 and 30th.
There were 21 persons in their singing group
and they came and really enjoyed our town of Santa Paula. Every night they had a fire in the pit.
On Friday night, they had a docent from the California Oil Museum pick them up at the office and gave them a mural tour. Then, they went to the museum for a catered dinner by our famous Garden Market; on their park-like-setting patio.
Everyone mentioned how much they loved our museum and how Jeannie Orcutt, the Museum's curator went out of her way to make their experience special.
They enjoyed breakfast on our garden patio every morning. Then, some went off to played golf, some went shopping and some went hiking. They brought their own bocce ball set and horseshoes and took them to a local park where they enjoyed a game before cocktail hour.
On Saturday night, they had "dinner in the Orchards" at Limoniera Ranch. They had to drive to pick up the van which carried them up the hill through the orchards to the dinner site. But when they got their, they were treated to the most beautiful view of the valley anyone ever saw. They were shocked by the white table linens and fabulous food presented. They really enjoyed their experience here in Santa Paula.
If you have a group and are looking for a place to experience something a little different, please consider the Santa Paula INN.


  1. The "misadventure" group really knows how to unwind, I have to hand it to them. I like how they even travel with their own gaming accessories for the cocktail pre-game ceremony. The "dinner in the orchards" is a great example of how inn keepers go above and beyond to ensure their guests are happy.

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