Friday, August 19, 2011

Welcome Thomas Acquinas Freshman back to School.

The Santa Paula INN welcomes the Freshman Class back to school at Thomas Acquinas College here in Santa Paula.
It looks like there will be 150 freshmen coming this year.

Thomas Acquinas (TAC) was named by Forbes Magazine as one of America's Top Colleges. The criteria used was
based on quality of teaching, great career prospects, graduation rates, and low levels of debt. There 's is a unique education with courses based on the Great Books and
Seminar Method.

We are proud to be able to put up the family and friends of the Thomas Acquinas College students.
Good Luck this year! and enjoy our town of Santa Paula!!

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  1. Great looking inn, I would have never guessed it is in Ventura. I will have to stop by next time I am down that way, usually stay in Ojai. Keep up the great work. If you would like to connect via Facebook and leave a comment about your Inn for our travelers, don’t hesitate to do so, you can find us at: Facebook/Bescover. You may not recognize the name, but we’re brought to you by the Lanier Family!